Do You Really Need Expensive Makeup?

Cheap makeup can be amazing to add to your kit if you’re a new makeup artist and trying to get by on the skinny. Or if you’re a makeup junkie and want to stretch your makeup dollars. Remember though, cheap doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on the quality just because you’re skimping on price. You can find some awesome cheap stuff, but beware, there are some areas of the face you should really spend your $$ on…

concealer: splurge, it’s gotta last all day and blend well with your skin tone and foundation

foundation: splurge, you need your colour match and a lasting formulation

powder: skimp, it’s only to set your base and unless you need photo-quality powder, just skimp out on a translucent loose setting powder

blush/bronzer: splurge, you need a lasting effect and most non-MUA’s use the same colour on their face everyday and only change it for each season of the year

eyeliner: splurge, I hate eyeliner that cakes, flakes, bleeds, etc, so splurge on a lasting formula (should probably be a liquid, cuz that tends to last longer than pencils, for your upper lid and a good waterproof stick for your lower inner eyelid)

eyeshadow: depends, there are some great quality palettes out there for under $60 for 100+ colours that work great and last all day. If you can get this, then great, if not, splurge on the colours you wear everyday cuz you don’t want creasing, fading, bleeding, etc and skimp on the special occasion colours you might only wear for a night or for a few hours at a time.

mascara: skimp, but within reason. Beware of clumping (mind the brush) or flaking (mind the formulation) but you can generally skimp out in a big way cuz you’ll use so darn much.

eyebrows: I prefer brow powder w/ a setting gel, always works better than pencil in my opinion. You can skimp or splurge, I find the way to judge is the staying power and consistency of the setting gel; if it’s good stuff, it’ll keep nearly any brow powder in place.

If you ever want to know about a product being splurge-worthy, ask me! Chances are, I’ve already put it to the test. πŸ™‚


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