Favourite Eyeliner Pencil Now in FULL SIZE!

One of my absolute top favourite eyeliner pencils is from Urban Decay, the colour is their matte blackest black called “Perversion”. This is a miracle eyeliner pencil with it’s super waterproofness and it’s gentle glide on & ultra pigmented formula. I fell in love with this stick ages ago but could only find it in their little travel size/trial size/gift pack things. Super disappointing since it just wasn’t worth it to get all the extra colours I knew I just wouldn’t use. But NOW you can get it in FULL SIZE!!! I feel like this was done especially for me because the last time (before Christmas) that I was in Sephora looking for it (more like praying it would magically be in full size this time) I was nearly on my hands and knees begging the associate to tell me why it had gone and if my favourite colour would ever return. I might have also offered to sell my soul for just one stick. It was possibly quite a scene. So I’ll take this token of good will by Urban Decay to unleash my favourite colour in a full sized stick and I’ll repay them by stocking up on half a dozen. $23 each in Sephora stores in Canada. Thank You Urban Decay and the Very Empathetic Sephora Sales Associate!

Order it online too: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P133707


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