I stopped a man!

Yesterday, I was in the drugstore winding my way through the aisles & went to grab some hair spray for my kit.

Low & behold, a very confuzzled looking man was standing there with 3 different products in his hands. Poor thing! All of the stuff in his hands was complete crap (Dove styling product, some L’oreal studio line hair putty nonsense & some non-descript product I’d never cared to take in before).

I took one look at his sorry self & told him that he should try the styling products by Got2b. I’ve tried nearly all their products which work really well but particularly the spiking gel & freeze hold hairspray (mega yellow can) work WONDERS on men’s hair.

He dropped all the junkie stuff & grabbed 2 Got2b products. I felt like I was a temporary superhero & saved a man from wasting his hair product dollars & also from having really bad hair.

Moral of the story, when it comes to beauty: if YOU know better then help someone else to CHOOSE better!

Have you ever seen someone picking up a terrible beauty product that you just knew wasn’t going to work or had terrible wear & tear or poor pigment? What did you do? Would you be a product superhero too?


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