Best thing since sliced bread.

A concealor question answered: Yes, Eve Pearl “Salmon” concealor is probably the best thing on the market since sliced bread. It works with an orangey tinge to combat blueish undereye circles (according to the colour chart, this is the opposite of blue, therefore neutralizes the dark circles). You can order it here: and if you have their professional discount which you can get here: and it gives you a 30-40% discount if you have the appropriate pro credentials.

BUT, although I have tried it, and have loved it…. there are dupes.

Amazing dupes.

One dupe that I have tried and love, and lives in my personal kit, is from Bobbi Brown. It’s here:  at a cost of about $10 less and works miracles. Professionally, I recommend going with light peach, peach or dark peach if you are combatting bags under the eyes. I purchase mine at the MAC Warehouse sale for $9 which was money very well spent! I have the dark peach corrector (NOT CONCEALOR!) shade for my caramel skin and it looks AMAZING. I have had several compliments on my even skin tone and flawless face since purchasing and using it. It’s also quite creamy, so good for any normal or dry skin or aging skin, not particularly recommended for oily skin. (Bobbi Brown has a pro program for artists in the USA for 40% off, but it is not valid for Canadian artists. It’s here:

My other dupe that I have tried and love, and lives in my professional kit is from Joe Blasco. I ordered it here: since I have their discount which saves me about $2 I think off the cost of this stuff (not to mention all the other stuff I buy there!). I use it in my kit just the same as the Eve Pearl Salmon concealor and I have both shades for under eye circles, the “blue neutralizer” and the “special blue neutralizer”.

I have no idea why one is more special than the other. The one that is “special” just seems a tad more orangey and is perfect for darker skin tones while the regular blue neutralizer is better for lighter skin tones. IMO. This stuff is 1/4 of the cost of the Eve Pearl concealor and EP’s is 6.2 grams, while the Joe Blasco neutralizers are 6.5 grams. Not only does it work just as well, but it’s also wayyyyy cheaper and you get more product?! Sold.


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