Bargain Lashes Where You Least Expect Them

So I had a meeting in a terribly desolate part of the burbs (East Scarborough) and on my way home, I had to pop in quickly at the Perfume Outlet store on the corner (no word of a lie, it really was called this) because… well it was an outlet store!  I love a good deal lol what else can I say?!

So in I go, I walk around, lots of stuff looks crappy… but they have 1 bin full of, in the far back corner, fake eyelashes! and sure they had some almost regular styles but the best thing was the crazy colourful, pretty, costumey ones! They were named Fairy Lashes, Pixie Lashes, etc. And so cute!

My mind is going a mile a minute and I grab a few different styles and decide that I really don’t need them so 4 should be enough for now. I also thought they were $2 each since the bin was marked as such and didn’t feel like paying more than that (which is about 1/3 of the regular price anyhow, since these lashes usually come out right before Halloween for about $6-8 in the drugstore).

Well was I in for a shock. They were 2 pairs for $1. Had I known, I would have raided them. But after all that I didn’t feel like going back and waiting in line again behind all the perfume bargain hunters. So I took my 4 pairs and left feeling quite happy! How perfect for Caribana are they!? My mass-playing clients will look extra fun this year! So excited!

Have you had a special “surprise” sale happen to you lately? which item/where was it? Share the story!


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