Thoroughly Impressed By What $3 Got Me

When E.L.F launched their new HD blushes, I was the first in line to make my order! But I noticed that since these new HD blushes were part of the “Studio” line, I could use my handy coupon code for 50% off Studio Line products. And while I was at it, I might as well see what else was looking good to add to my shopping basket. So I decided to try the cream eyeshadows & a cream eyeliner. Price point at $3.00, I figured for $1.50 a pop there’s no real way to say no to these guys.

I must say, E.L.F. was MUCH, MUCH faster with getting my order to me this time. It only took 2 weeks to arrive. A huge improvement from last time I ordered my huge E.L.F. Haul 😀

Now about the creams… I purchased “candlelight”, a soft yellow toned shimmering colour perfect for highlighting under the brow and in the inner tear duct, “dawn”, a mauve toned shimmer with hints of pink and grey which is a perfect all-over lid colour for everyday wear and makes a great base for a warmer smokey eye, and “pewter” a soft smokey grey which is perfect for a smokey eye colour on fair skin tones or a great lower lid colour on women of colour with medium or tanned skin tones. (Left to right: Cream eyeliner in Black, Cream shadows in Pewter, Dawn, and Candlelight.)

The “candlelight” shade was 10 grams in size and didn’t come with an applicator brush and the others were all 4.7 grams and came with applicator brushes. This was odd. BUT this was my only eyebrow raising moment.

The shadows applied very pigmented and went on smoothly but I noticed that a little bit can go a long way. These are not meant to be worn in an opaque manner and if you want to build up the colour, it needs to be done little by little with light product layering, NOT with a big ol’ brushfull swiped over your eye. That’s going to be all bad. When applied in a heavy handed manner, it can go on cakey or clumpy. Like I said, ALL BAD. So use a little, and layer as needed.

The applicator brushes that came with the product were perfect applicator tools as synthetic bristle brushes need to be used with this product, otherwise, use a clean finger. Professionally, if you’re going to stock this item in your kit, ditch the 4-inch brush and use your pro syntho brushes. The handles are awfully tiny and my delicate hands look like a lumberjack’s when I use one of the brushes that came with the product. No bueno. So if you’re a pro, just recycle these little brushes by sticking them in a client swag bag. Then everybody wins!

As for the cream eyeliner…. I was thoroughly impressed. I mean THOROUGHLY. I put it on. Wore it. Rubbed my eyes 2 hours later. Saw no product transfer. Impressed. Wish I had known about this item when I bought the Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner. That was a sincere waste of money. This, however, feels like hitting the jackpot. Great product, and a ridiculous price point.

So, I would say this was a $6 very, very well spent. For 3 cream eyeshadows and a gel/cream eyeliner?! Can’t get better than that. Honestly, I don’t think you could possibly improve this product. Unless of course you had Ryan Gosling hand deliver it. I’d pay bonus shipping for that 😉

Thanks E.L.F. for doin’ it again!




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