Thank You Make Up For Ever!

There’s nothing better than the Fed Ex man buzzing at 8:20am to give you a box of makeup goodies. Honestly, he could show up at 4:37am, and I would still be elated. Yay for makeup goodies!!!

I Must say… Make Up For Ever, you really turned around an otherwise boring Tuesday…  Thank you!

After speaking with a very sweet Lindsey over at the MUFE Montreal Office, she sent me over some fabulous items and a hand written note (how lovely!)

My bag of goodies contained:
Aqua Eyes Eye Pencil in Black

Aqua Cream in Turquoise 

Aqua Cream in Warm Beige #13

Rouge Artist Intense in Bright Satin Pink #37

Scuplting Kit #4



And the thing I am most excited about??? The Sculpting Kit #4!!! I love the Sculpting Kits from MUFE & recently used the #2 kit in a beauty editorial I did (1 of the photos from it is below). I’ve been dying to add the #4 to my pro kit and now I have it! Now I can’t wait to get into these items…
Thanks again Make Up For Ever, and especially, Lindsey.






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