Want to Make YOUR Best “Natural” Lip Color?

I do lots, and I mean LOTS of photoshoots for models and commercial clients where the #1 look I end up doing is creating a, NOT NUDE, but a “natural” lip tone. This also goes for a fair number of my brides who want a natural looking lip colour as opposed to a ‘classic bridal pink’ or a ‘J-Lo nude’. I also find that many of my clients are women of colour (since I work and live in one of the most racially diverse cities in the world) and that a “nude” or “natural” colour description on the label, doesn’t often correspond to many of us who aren’t Caucasian.

So, I have developed a winning formula that I find works on about 90% of my clients who want a natural lip colour. (For the last 10%, that number usually corresponds to my ebony toned clients where I take this exact same formula, but add a bit of matte brown lipstick to deepen the shade.) I get asked ALL the time about what I’ve used in a photo or what I’ve used for myself and so, in the holiday spirit of giving, I am giving my secret away.

Now there are 2 products that you need to make your own ‘Natural Lip Formula’:

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Fleshpot:


Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Kasbah:


Now, I use varying amounts of these colours depending on the skin tone of the person in my chair. My general rule of thumb: the lighter the skin tone, the more Fleshpot. The darker the skin tone, the more Kasbah.

I recently did a photoshoot with a favourite photographer and good friend of mine, Billy Archos, where I am wearing my secret combination. This photo HAS NOT BEEN EDITED AT ALL! So just FYI…

me billy small crop

I’ll use myself for example since I have a pretty in-between skin tone for a woman of colour. In the photo of myself above, I’ve used my foundation on my lips first to get a ‘clean slate’ lip tone. I then added 60% Kasbah & 40% Fleshpot to my mixing palette, mixed, applied, and then glossed with a clear shimmery lipgloss.

I’ve also used this combination on my model & singer, Tyler, in the photo below. She’s wearing 70% fleshpot & 30% Kasbah…


In creating a natural lip tone, remember that you want your look to be cohesive, so make sure that your blush and eye makeup are done accordingly, hence why I’ve used a light touch with my warm toned bronzer and my peachy blush on both Tyler and I. Play around with these 2 favourite colours of mine and create your own personal shade of “natural” no matter what your skin tone is! Enjoy!




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