Product Review! Dare to Compare: ELF vs. Make Up For Ever

I’ve been seeing a lot of products lately that seem to be dupes for other high(er)-end items out in the makeup world. And sometimes dupes are fabulous, really amazing, twin-like items. So my goal in this dare-to-compare blog is to see: if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck… is it a duck?

The first item up is the MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Cream eyeshadow/liner in “Turquoise” vs. the Eyes Lips Face Cream Eyeliner in “Teal Tease”.


At first glance, these 2 products look very similar. The texture of the ELF cream is a bit more creamy, where the texture of the MUFE cream is more paste-like. The MUFE product also seems to have more ground-in shimmer, whereas the ELF product doesn’t look like it’s packed with as much shimmer in the pot. The ELF also looks lighter in colour and a bit more blue, where the MUFE shade seems slightly greener and deeper. But looks are not all…

So now for the swatches:

elf vs make up for ever swatch

The swatch at the top was done with a synthetic brush where the swatches on the bottom are done with a clean finger. I wanted to see if there would be any change the colour or intensity with a change in application. Evidently, both swatches were pigmented, smooth, and equal in colour. No doubt about it: the colour quality is pretty much on par. Here’s a closer look…

Photo Dec 12, 1 07 44 AM

My instincts at the first glance were pretty accurate… the MUFE is a bit more green and you can also see more shimmer in it. Depending on what you’re using it for or where you’re going, you may want more shimmer or less. This is all personal preference.

ELF’s “Teal Tease” Cream Eyeliner

MAKE UP FOR EVER’s “Torquise 21” Aqua Cream

Now if we look at price, there’s a breakdown I’ve provided for each item below. I purchased ELF’s Cream eyeliner at 50% off during a promotion (they do these very, very often so I can confidently list it at this price in my comparison)… if you subscribe to their promotions, no doubt you will have at least a few chances each year to pick up this item at 50% off, like I did. I did not purchase the MUFE Aqua Cream as it was given to me by MUFE’s office. However, I’ve listed it at the pro discount price of 40% off because that’s what I would normally be able to purchase this item at during any time of the year.

ELF’s “Teal Tease”: $3.00 for 4.7 grams =$0.64/per gram,

ELS’s “Teal Tease”: at 50% “Studio coupon code” discount price: $1.50 for 4.7 grams = $0.32/per gram

MUFE’s “Turquoise 21”: $25.00 for 6 grams = $4.17/per gram

MUFE’s “Turquoise 21”: at 40% Pro discount price: $15.00 for 6 grams = $2.50/per gram

After wearing both for 8 hours….

elf vs mufe after 8 hrs

Now during this 8 hours I managed to wash 2 sinks of dishes, cook dinner and do all my regular daily doings. Both were hanging on for dear life after 8 hours. It looked to me like there was about 15% colour remaining on MUFE’s side with and about 10% left on the ELF side. MUFE’s shimmers hung on tighter than ELF’s, but neither proved to be waterproof or severely long-lasting. I was glad to note that ELF calls theirs “water-resistant” and not waterproof, and not so pleased about MUFE calling theirs “waterproof” since I don’t think it stood up to my dishes very well.


For pigment, I think both products were fantastic and ELF makes a very convincing dupe.

For price, well… it’s not rocket science… ELF blows MUFE’s out of the water.

For longevity, I think both products could have performed better. But was intrigued but MUFE’s shimmers hanging on so well.

The bottom line: Gotta give it to ELF for this one. It looked great, photographed well and had just as much colour and ‘wow’ factor as the MUFE cream. And for being able to save over $10-$20 on the purchase price over MUFE’s product, ELF takes the win. It definitely proved to be a duck.

Want me to review a product for you? swatch it? blog it? dare-to-compare it? Let me know!

Stay beautiful,

Jem xox


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