Product Review: Lang Lang Cosmetics Lipsticks

I recently received some product from a home-grown company, owned by Charlotte Lang, called Lang Lang Cosmetics.

She was kind and gracious enough to send me 5 lipstick shades and 4 loose eyeshadow powders to review for my lovely beauty junkie readers!

Below I’m going to review the lipsticks and in a separate post, I’ll review the eyeshadows for you guys šŸ™‚

So… Immediately upon opening the products, something hits me. The delicious smell of cookies. Listen, I hate smelly products. It makes me feel like I’m 12 years old and using way too much Lip Smackers on my lips (again). Or the gross fruit punch taste of certain lipglosses. Even worse, the minty chocolate fragrance… ugh. Fragrant lip products are a “no” for me. Honestly, they turn my stomach. But, these lipsticks have the slightest cookie smell. So light, just a touch of cookies. Really yummy. Plus, I love baking, so this was actually really nice IMO. AND, there’s no taste. YES!!!! The worst part of fragrant lip products is the funky, plastic-y, sugary taste. Ugh, double stomach turn. But these have no taste, none. So far… I’m very pleased.

I swatched the 5 colours I got: Just Out (an orange tone with a touch of red), Russian (classic blue-based red), Diva (a holographic fuschia pink with a slight purple tone), Malinda (a grape-like blue based purple) and Blackberry (a deep plum berry tone with a slightly red [and not brown] undertone).

lang lang lipsticks


Just Out: The colour is not as opaque as I would have thought, and by comparison to the other colours. But, it’s easily buildable to get more colour on. It also reminds me closely of Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Coral (one of my favourite summer colours). The texture is very smooth and very creamy. It feels great on, and doesn’t dry out lips- AT ALL. The finish is demi-matte/ semi-satin which makes it versatile for easy matting or glossing up.

Russian: The colour is opaque. A classic blue-red in a classic satin finish. Again, the formula is very creamy & smooth. It feels moisturizing & can be worn comfortably without any lipgloss for hours. It’s also a blue-based red which enhances the whiteness of teeth- bonus šŸ˜‰

Diva: moisture overload. This colour has a slightly different formula from the others and is even more creamy and glossy. It’s definitely a gloss (not satin) finish with a high shine, but is heavily pigmented and does not wear like a gloss; it definitely wears like a lipstick! The colour is very unique and hopefully from the 2 different pictures included here, you can get a glimpse of the purple-ish holographic gleam coming from this shade.

Malinda: My favourite of the bunch. A super unique colour! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shade like this. I was recently looking for a new purple tone colour and came across swatches of the new Nicki Minaj lilac lipstick for MAC being released shortly and, yes, these are 2 different tones, but this one shoots Nicki’s out of the water. It’s a much more universally flattering shade of purple which could be easily worn with a nude gloss over top to lighten it up or a dark purple liner to deepen the shade. I really love this colour! The finish is more of a demi-matte or semi-satin cross, it’s definitely not as satin as some of the other shades. The formula is creamy and the colour stays true no matter if you apply 1 layer of colour or 3. This means great pigment and bang for your buck. Love this one!

Blackberry: This is my “right now” colour. The shade is perfect for our still cold months and wintery season. This shade is the least opaque of the bunch and wears really well as a lipstain kind of lipstick. It wears well on it’s own due to the finish, but I like this shade with a touch of gloss on top. The best thing about this colour is that you can get that ‘dark lip drama’ for daytime, by simply using a light touch and a swipe of gloss, or by dabbing it on with a finger as a stain. You’ll get the mystery without looking too vampy for the office. A very versatile formula, indeed.

Lang Lang cosmetics swatches lipsticks

The conclusion:

I really enjoyed the lipsticks. Overall, they were very creamy, very moisturizing, highly pigmented and the colour was long-lasting. The smell was great and light, not heavily perfumed. And the taste was fabulously nothing! One of the best things about the line is that it feels and wears like a pro-performing lipstick but is priced (surprisingly) well. Oh yeah, you guys didn’t think I’d forget about the cost factor, did you?!

If we look at MAC’s lipsticks, they’re $18 (CAD) for 3 grams = $6/gram. MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Rouge Artist lipsticks are $22 (CAD, non-pro discount price) for 3.5 grams = $6.29/gram. LANG LANG Cosmetics lipsticks are $20 (CAD) for 4 grams = $5/gram. And now you can confidently invest in these lipsticks knowing the performance is fabulous, but so is the price šŸ˜‰

Well done, LANG LANG Cosmetics, well done.







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