My Holy Grail Red Lipstick…

I love a good red. Wine or lipstick.

When you wear a great red lipstick that really flatters you, it makes you feel über glam and brings out that inner sex kitten just a little more than usual…. atleast for me! So I love a great red lipstick that has one of my favourite things in life: “balance”.

My favourite red lipstick brings a lot to the table. And no, it’s not MAC’s Ruby Woo – yes, I am a sinner, I don’t care too much for the color. It’ s cool, it’s just that… I’ve found better.

I absolutely love, adore, admire, and covet the Maybelline SuperStay 14 HR Lipstick in #060 “Continuous Cranberry”. I wear it all the time, especially when I need that extra-glamorous pick-me-up or need to bring my sexy back. I always wear it with my favourite red lipliner, NYX’s Slim Lip Pencil in “Hot Red” #817 – love this liner too!

perfect red lip

And there are a few reasons why “Continuous Cranberry” ranks top on my list, but first, the downfalls.


  • it doesn’t last 14 hours… that’s quite an overstatement. But with proper wearing skills, it can last about 6-9 hours. I love this lipstick for if I have a long work day or set day!
  • it’s a “long-wear” style product so it DOES have a mild drying effect on the lips. If you GLOSS it, it WILL NOT LAST AS LONG. So put on your Carmex or Rosebud salve sparingly, first, and then you should be ok.


  • The packaging lets you see the colour without opening, so if you’re a bit of a product whore like me, then this is awesome and a time-saver
  • it’s long-wearing and actually lasts through most people’s typical work-day
  • it’s not glossy, it’s not matte, it’s matter than a satin… perfect balance. I get a matte look without a ‘dry lip’ look.
  • the pigment is insane, the colour is true, it takes very little to cover a mouth.
  • It costs about $6-$8 in the drugstore or Walmart. I like bang for my buck, you should too!
  • The texture is very smooth and quite creamy; applies nicely from the bullet or with a bit on a palette & applied with a lip brush to a client
  • The colour is a slight blue-based red, so it flatters nearly everyone. It also makes your pearly whites whiter.

beauty by jemz red lipstick continuous cranberry

Every time I wear this lipstick, people compliment me on it and women always ask me where I got it or which brand makes it. Every. Single. Time. I mean, honestly, it’s just too much attention for one lady’s lips! haha!

Enjoy & stay beautiful!




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