Beauty x 3: CC Cream

Personally, I am not a big fan of BB creams, but I must say that I can’t wait to see the shade Clinique comes out with!

Last week we chatted about the benefits of BB Creams, which are generally regarded as next-generation tinted moisturizers. In addition to daily hydration for your skin, little tubes of BB contain priming agents, ingredients to repair skin damage, a pinch of pigment and, in many cases, sun protection. Well, the beauty world moves fast and, just as you were getting used to BB, is already onto the next even-better thing: CC Creams.

The most common complaint of BB Creams (there aren’t many) is that they can lack enough pigment to conceal imperfections, like dark circles or acne scarring or rosacea, and that they’re a little too thick in consistency.

CC Creams (stands for  “colour correction” or “colour control”), the next-gen BB cream, or the next-next-gen tinted moisturizer, are improved with with increased pigment amounts (the aesthetic effect is more like foundation and less like tinted moisturizers) and silkier textures.

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