DIY Easy Black and White Nails

I did a super-easy black and white nail design that I call “tuxedo nails.” Because- they are super streamlined and chic looking, IMO. The absolute best part of this nail design, which I came to find out during the week after doing this, was that when your nail chips on the tip, you can use a tiny brush to fix it and fill it in, and nobody can tell. Bonus.

black and white tuxedo nails

I used 1 coat of Sally Hansen’s White-on, 1 coat of Ciate Nails Angel Wings (pearlescent white), 1 coat of Love & Beauty Crystal White (to add the sparkle), and then used black and silver from Kiss Nail Art to draw my triangles. Super easy to do, even on the opposite hand! Definitely can’t recommend doing this without the nail art polishes… I think I would have bombed this design otherwise!

I also really wanted to add a nice white bow tie embellishments to the black triangles, but since I work with my hands all up in people’s faces, I didn’t think this would fly.

Happy nail painting!




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