Thanks Face Atelier!

CanPar paid me a visit today and brought me some special FACE atelier goodies! I’m stoked!

FACE atelier Ultra Foundation is one of my absolute favourite liquid foundations. It gives amazing medium to full coverage, is buildable, and has a silicone base so you can save time and skip the priming step! To top it off… it’s a Canadian company! And I sure do love a homegrown product, especially one as amazing as this!

I recently used some FACE atelier products in 2 recent beauty editorials I had published (view MASK here or view Flight & Fury here). The shots and themes were COMPLETELY different from each other, but the thing is that this line is much more versatile than people and artists sometimes think. I use it on brides & clients, in video & photoshoots. Mature skin? No worries, this silky formula ‘floats’ atop the skin and doesn’t exaggerate fine lines by settling in wrinkles. Oily skin? get the Ultra Matte spray and mist a little before & after application to keep yourself shine-free. Dull skin? this stuff leaves a natural dewy look, just be sure to not powder on the whole face and just in the T-zone where needed.

Best of all….. FACE atelier was so kind as to hook me up with some professional gratis with my favourite items from their line!

I got the Ultra Foundation in 0-, 2, 4, 6, 8, 0+ a.k.a. 10, and 12 and the Ultra Matte spray. Covers every skin tone! And with 0- and 0+ you can customize the colour best for you (or your client). Enjoy the pics and the swatches!

Thanks again FACE atelier!

xo Jem


Do You Really Need Expensive Makeup?

Cheap makeup can be amazing to add to your kit if you’re a new makeup artist and trying to get by on the skinny. Or if you’re a makeup junkie and want to stretch your makeup dollars. Remember though, cheap doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on the quality just because you’re skimping on price. You can find some awesome cheap stuff, but beware, there are some areas of the face you should really spend your $$ on…

concealer: splurge, it’s gotta last all day and blend well with your skin tone and foundation

foundation: splurge, you need your colour match and a lasting formulation

powder: skimp, it’s only to set your base and unless you need photo-quality powder, just skimp out on a translucent loose setting powder

blush/bronzer: splurge, you need a lasting effect and most non-MUA’s use the same colour on their face everyday and only change it for each season of the year

eyeliner: splurge, I hate eyeliner that cakes, flakes, bleeds, etc, so splurge on a lasting formula (should probably be a liquid, cuz that tends to last longer than pencils, for your upper lid and a good waterproof stick for your lower inner eyelid)

eyeshadow: depends, there are some great quality palettes out there for under $60 for 100+ colours that work great and last all day. If you can get this, then great, if not, splurge on the colours you wear everyday cuz you don’t want creasing, fading, bleeding, etc and skimp on the special occasion colours you might only wear for a night or for a few hours at a time.

mascara: skimp, but within reason. Beware of clumping (mind the brush) or flaking (mind the formulation) but you can generally skimp out in a big way cuz you’ll use so darn much.

eyebrows: I prefer brow powder w/ a setting gel, always works better than pencil in my opinion. You can skimp or splurge, I find the way to judge is the staying power and consistency of the setting gel; if it’s good stuff, it’ll keep nearly any brow powder in place.

If you ever want to know about a product being splurge-worthy, ask me! Chances are, I’ve already put it to the test. šŸ™‚