Limited Edition MAC Makeup Giveway! (Value $113)

Enter the Contest HERE! Beauty By Jemz is giving away a fabulous prize full of goodies from MAC Cosmetics! The prize is valued at $113.00 and contains: “Whisper of Gilt” Extra Dimension Skinfinish ($34) from the Limited Edition Holiday 2012 … Continue reading

Manicure Monday!

  Today’s nails are done using: Sally Hansen ‘Hard as Nails” base coat 1 coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear in “White On” #21 2 coats on Nicole by OPI Hint of Mint 1 coat of ELF Assured … Continue reading

My new favourite HAIR thing!

A couple months ago, I saw a video ad somewhere (can’t recall where) for a new hair styling product by Goody. They were called “Spin Pins” and have this double helix type shape to twist into hair during up-do’s to hold hair securely in place. The hair artist demonstrating them said that one of these bad boys replaces the equivalent of 20 (twenty?!?!) traditional bobby pins. I was sold.

I spotted them in Walmart for about $7 at that time, although now the current price is $5. There are 2 colours in them, a burnished silver type colour for light hair & a dark brown for… You guessed it. It also came in 2 package variations, 1 with 2 large pins or 1 with 3 small pins.

I picked up the pack of dark brown small Spin Pins from Goody & tried them out. They were great! They are super sturdy & strong, easy to use & blend well to hair. But, I wish I had bought the long ones because even for mid-length hair like my own, I think nearly everyone would do best with the longer length. They don’t replace 20 pins like the ad-artist said but they replace about 5-6 which still makes it a fantastic & worthwhile hair product. This was ALMOST about to be my new favourite thing. Almost.

Then I dropped in to my local Ardene store a couple weeks ago & saw, none other than the most fabulous dupe: Twirl Pins. Ardene had these in packs of 4 long ones in either black or burnished silver at $3.50/pack or 5 packs for $10. Can’t beat that! On top of it, they also had some fabulous decorated ones with either pearls or Gemstones (like in my photo) with the long length & in packs of 2 for $3.50/pack or 5 packs for $10. Perfect for bridal hair!

I raided all their racks & purchased every pack. And I feel a little naughty for taking them all. But I also feel quite pleased with myself for finding this great dupe!

If you do bridal or prom hair or have your own big event coming up, be sure to get a few of these for your hair & you won’t have any worries about hair flubs during your event!

Have you tried these yet? Tell me about your experience!




The Waxing Lady

Brazilian wax? Anywhere. Eyebrows? One lady, ever, only.

I used to have this fabulous waxing lady. I call her the waxing lady, but really she does this fabulous 4 step process. First she combs and trims, next she waxes, after that she threads and lastly she plucks you into perfection. I loved this woman. Her name is Tammy.

I lost Tammy when I moved. She used to be a walk away from my old apartment, like 5 minutes. Now, she is an hour long commute away. At first I told myself that it was too far. Which it was. And still is. To travel an hour there and an hour back for a process that takes 15 minutes? Ludicrous right? Wrong.

Since moving, I have entrusted my brows to a few different local ladies. They have threaded me too thin, or rounded out my lovely arch, or given me wax burns. I would show them a photo of my eyebrows the way I liked them done (yes, I keep eyebrow photos in my iPhone for this purpose) and they would always agree to give me my brows just like they were featured in my photo. But never did it happen. Ever. I felt defeated. I moved nearly 3 years ago, and in all this time, I still have not been able to find a waxing lady who could do me like Tammy did.

2 days ago, I was traveling across the city and I figured it was easier to go 30 minutes out of my way to see her. I needed a brow job like nobody’s business. I was looking like a Sasquatch. So I went, and I felt like slapping myself for thinking I could replace her. She is amazing. Tammy with the magic technique. I will never try to replace her again. It feels so good to enjoy my eyebrows this much, again. Like a prodigal child or long lost love returning home… that’s how I felt after seeing Tammy.

Now if only I could get her to relocate that salon of hers…